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Is your transmission not working properly? Our knowledgeable experts at Don Cigelske Transmissions will take care of it in an efficient and timely manner. Let us help you keep your transmission in good condition, and your vehicle running smoothly for a long time to come!

Six-Step Diagnostic Procedure For A Quality Service

You cannot just see your transmission and know what is wrong with it. Sometimes, you need to delve deeper and get to the root of the issue to fix it properly. That’s what we do with the help of our six-step diagnostic procedure in transmission repair!

  • Our first step involves listening to you so that we are able to understand your problem.
  • After that, we visually inspect and diagnose the problematic area.
  • Next, we test-drive your vehicle to analyze its condition and try to pinpoint the issue.
  • Once we know what’s wrong, we then discuss our findings with you.
  • We then give you our recommendation and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Finally, we put our findings and recommendations in writing.

And the best thing is, we do all of this with no charge! We hope to be your choice for transmission repair.

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If The Problem Remains Unsolved

It is then when we need more information. If further diagnosis is required to service your transmission, we will let you know. This process may include:

  • Scan checking the electronic controlling system.
  • Hydraulic pressure test.
  • Removal and inspection of parts.
  • Removal of the transmission for disassembly and inspection.

These checks involve a cost and will be done only upon your prior written approval.

Guiding And Helping You At Every Step

With us, it is all about our recommendations and your choices! We like you to be well-informed before we start working on your vehicle. We not only provide you with quality work, but also guide you regarding the best course of action. We take our time to explain all the options to you. Our team is committed to excellence, and this applies to customer service as well. If you want to keep your vehicle for a long time, make sure to get it checked regularly. We are always ready to help!

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