Complete Transmission Services At Affordable Rates

From clutch replacement to exhaust repairs, we have the knowledge and ability to perform all kinds of services. Our superior-quality solutions enable your machinery to run better and minimize possibilities of failure in the future.

Workmanship That Offers Great Results

We can provide answers to all the questions related to your transmission – What is its overall condition? Does it meet your needs? What would it cost to replace it? We can also offer a diagnosis on the general condition of your brakes, cooling system, tires, battery, engine, and interior. Our knowledgeable and skilled team members work together to deliver a professional service that satisfies you. Backed by the latest specialty tools, computerized diagnostics, and a 200 volume reference library, we strive to become your premier-choice service provider in town!

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Warrantied Transmission Work

In most cases, we provide you with a choice of warranty options that range from 90 days to three years. We also offer an unlimited mileage 3-year warranty on vehicles that are eligible for it. We also subscribe to three major technical hotlines to quickly answer your call and provide the right solutions. Our parts department has over 3,000 parts on hand, all of which help ensure timely completion of the job.

We Can Help You With

  • Transmission Repairs
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Axle Repairs
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • 24 Hour Towing

Please note that if we do not answer, you can contact any towing facility in the Dodge County area and ask them to tow your vehicle directly to our shop.

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Need quick repair services for your vehicle’s clutch or exhaust?

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